Concert Reports

Concert Report Guidelines

In your paper, please write in detail about the following:
Describe the performing ensemble, venue, conductor, attire, etiquette, professionalism, instrumentation, number of seats, where you sat, how did the venue sound, etc.
List and discuss interpretation of tone, blend, intonation, musicianship, balance, articulation, programming, impression of selections performed, and overall performance
Did you enjoy the performance? Why or why not?

All reports must:
Include a photo of the program (cover of the program and the set the group performed) on the bottom of the document as proof of attendance.
Be typed in 12 pt font, times new roman, double spaced
Be 2 full pages long
Be turned in within 2 weeks after the concert

Only one concert report is required to be turned in in per semester. Submissions are digital and turned in at

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The easiest and most enjoyable way to get concert reports is to go with members of your section!