Registration Info


String Orchestra:
Under Elective select String Orchestra (CP)

Under Elective select Chamber Choir (CP)

Concert Band:
Under Elective, select Wind Ensemble (CP)

Jazz Band:
Under Zero Period Fall or Yearlong select Jazz Band (CP) (0 Period), then under Zero Period Spring select  I’m taking a yearlong 0 period class.  Concurrent enrollment in Wind Ensemble (CP), String Orchestra (CP), or Chamber Choir (CP) is required to be in the Jazz Band.

Marching Band:
Under Interscholastic Athletic Activities* select Marching Band (Fall) AND select under After School (8th Period).  Concurrent enrollment in Wind Ensemble (CP), String Orchestra (CP), or Chamber Choir (CP) is required to be in the Marching Band (not required for Color Guard).

Color Guard (Fall):
Under Interscholastic Athletic Activities* select Marching Band (Fall) AND select under After School (8th Period)

Winter Drumline:
Under Interscholastic Athletic Activities* select Drumline/Colorguard (Spring) AND select under After School (8th Period).  Concurrent enrollment in Wind Ensemble (CP), String Orchestra (CP), or Chamber Choir (CP) is required to be in the Winter Drumline.

Winter Guard:
Under Interscholastic Athletic Activities* select Drumline/Colorguard (Spring) AND select under After School (8th Period)

*For PE class, select “I am taking an interscholastic activity”


Do I have to know how to play an instrument before I join?
    Students do not have to have prior musical experience in order to join a music class. There are classes of all levels! Do not let the “audition” part of the process scare you; just let us know that you haven’t played an instrument before and we’ll make sure to set you up for success.

Do instrumental music classes have honors credit?
    Yes! As a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year music student, students will receive honors credit for their concert band class, jazz band class, choir class, or string class.

How can my student fulfill academic requirements (such as language courses, graduation requirements) with music courses in his/her schedule?

What if my student has a rigorous academic schedule? Is it possible to participate in music and balance a challenging workload?
    Yes. Though academics are the primary focus, Oak Park High School encourages all of its students to find a passion and participate in extracurricular activities. Most students participate in some form of after-school activity (8th period, sports) and still manage to maintain good grades at all levels. Taking on a time commitment such as music also develops time-management skills and adds to a strong college application!

What are the academic/cognitive benefits of a music curriculum in high school?
    Many studies prove that consistent participation in music ensemble classes and music performance at a high level directly correlates to higher GPA’s and standardized test scores. In addition, research indicates that musical training develops skills in language, reasoning, memory, coordination, emotional development, intellectual curiosity, discipline, spatial intelligence and creative thinking.

What are the social benefits of a music curriculum in high school?
    Joining one of our many music classes (wind ensemble, concert band,
strings, choir, jazz, drumline, marching band, etc.) creates an instant community experience from day one in high school. Music students tend to spend time with each other and have a great time interacting. During the year, they go to festivals and competitions together, play at the basketball and football games, and go on trips organized by the music department (including Disneyland!). Music students develop a strong sense of camaraderie and make many friends within the department.

Are there opportunities for leadership available in music?
    Yes. Our instrumental music department is partially run by our student leadership team called the Instrumental Music Council. Students can apply to join and earn a role as a leader within the department. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn leadership skills and add to a resume or college application. There is also leadership within choir, marching band, winter drumline, and color guard.

Can I take more than one music class? How many can I take?
    Students can take as many music classes as they can fit in their schedule! Taking a zero period class or summer school to fulfill requirements can free up schedule space and allow students to take more music classes.

How do auditions work? Which concert band class should I sign up for?
    Everyone who wants to take a concert band class must sign up for Wind Ensemble (CP) and will be placed into each ensemble by audition. (The student’s schedule, received at registration, will have the appropriate band class period and course name on it.) Auditions are held at the end of the school year. Current music students in high school and 8th grade will be given information about auditions in their OPHS/MCMS band classes. Anyone interested in a music class who is not currently enrolled in one in OPUSD should contact Mr. Borquez ([email protected]) to set up an audition time. We’d love to have you!

Do I have to be in a music class to be in marching band?
    The prerequisite for joining marching band is enrollment in any OPHS music class. This includes concert bands, string orchestra, and choir classes.

Should I take summer school? Should I take a zero period?
    Summer school and zero period classes can be very useful to create schedule space for music classes but are not a necessity. These opportunities are especially good for fulfilling graduation requirements such as technology classes, practical skills classes, P.E. classes, and Life Skills.

Is music fun?
    Yes! Talk to anyone involved in the music department and you’ll hear about great music, friends, field trips, and performances. If you join the music department, you’ll be part of a family!


What is the time commitment?
Practices: (tentative) Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 3:30-6:00
Football Games: During MB season, specific dates TBA. Friday nights. Usually around 5 per season.
Extra events: Competitions, parades, and showcases are held on Saturdays throughout the season, concentrated from the end of September to the beginning of November. Expect about 4-5 Saturday events per season.
BAND CAMP!: Weekdays from Monday, July 23rd to Friday, August 3rd (the two weeks before we go back to school). Band camp days are 8 hours of fun-filled activities and basics practice to kick off marching band season!
Marching band events are MANDATORY, please make sure to notify Mr. Borquez ([email protected]) of any potential schedule conflicts ASAP (including band camp this summer!)

Does marching band count for P.E. credit?
Marching band and color guard count for 1 semester of P.E. credit for students beyond 9th grade
INCOMING FRESHMEN: Marching band will exempt you from having to take a P.E. class in your schedule during the fall semester but after-school activities taken during freshman year do not count toward the 2 years of P.E. credits required to graduate. This means that if you take marching band all 4 years of high school (3 semesters counting for credit), you will need fulfill one more semester of P.E. credit through summer school, another P.E. class, a semester of a sport, winter drumline and colorguard, etc.
It is important to note that freshmen must have a P.E. class somewhere in their schedule both semesters of 9th grade (unless you have taken summer school as in incoming freshman)

How will I balance marching band with academics?
Even with a challenging schedule, it is possible to manage being in marching band with being a student at OPHS. Oak Park encourages students to get involved in extracurriculars, as they help students learn time management skills and they look great on college applications (while being a fun experience!). Most students participate in a sport or another 8th period (after-school) activity and manage their schoolwork!

Can I do other sports if I am in marching band?
Marching band is a fall activity, so it conflicts with fall sports such as football and cross-country. Marching band kids are free to participate in winter or spring sports!