Student Vocal Groups

Varsity Choir (Chamber 1)    
                                   These students are asked to do special performances as needed. Besides learning all of the Chamber Choir music, this group also works on a cappella music in various styles, from Renaissance Music, to Jazz, to Pop. This group is primarily seniors, complemented by others only when musically necessary. Auditions are held at the end of the school year and students who have previously been in choir at least a year are highly considered during auditions.

Vocal Ensemble -      Students of all grade levels who have not previously been enrolled in OPHS choir.
Chamber Choir 2 -    Students primarily made up of upper classmen who were previously in Vocal Ensemble.

Advanced Women’s Choir  - Women members of Chamber Choir.
Men’s Ensemble -  All Choir Men
Concert Choir - All Choir Students from all classes performing together