The Medea Creek Performing Groups and Curriculum

The music program at Medea Creek Middle School offers a Lab Band, Intermediate Band and Concert Band, Jazz Band, and a Choir. Advancement to the next grade level relies on comprehensive knowledge and performance ability from the previous grade level. Theory components of Lab band will be the students’ foundation for musical growth within the program. Demonstration of proper participation skills along with self-discipline and motivation will drive students in learning scales and producing characteristic sounds on their instruments. Fundamentals and instrumental pedagogy will be the main objective of the program.
MCMS Bands are performance-based classes. This requires students to perform on grade level together to be successful as an individual within each ensemble. Improvisation will be taught in Jazz Band, which is offered as a before school extracurricular activity, and is by auditions only. Our music program not only teaches music but also prepares students to be responsible, organized, well-disciplined citizens.
The curriculum for each class outlines requirements needed for successful completion of each band level. Being a performance based class; advancement relies on completion of the previous band level requirements.