2017 OPHS Marching Band: “The Eagle Brigade”

The award-winning Oak Park High School Marching band is the hardest working group in the Oak Park High music program. They compete or perform in field competitions and parades and during the Fall Marching Band Season in addition to cheering on the Oak Park Eagles at every home game, performing a field show every single week.  The Brigade, consisting of the Band and Drumline, provides an opportunity for growth and enrichment through very high work ethic. The marching band encourages each student to work toward his/her fullest potential by challenging the members intellectually, physically, and creatively, on and off the field.
Membership in the Eagle Brigade provides a remarkable opportunity to work as a team and gain individual recognition.  Students experience leadership, learn discipline, cooperation, and responsibility while engaging in a creative and fun activity. Marching Band is a unique way to blend musicianship, visual achievement, and excellent show design to create an entertaining show on the field or musical experience on the street.

Participation in this group is dependent on participation in either Wind Ensemble or Concert Band. It meets during the fall semester as an 8th-period class and earns PE Credit, however, Freshmen must still pass the state fitness test.

Check out our field shows!

Oak Park Eagle Brigade 2018 "The Classics"

Drum Majors: Morgan Cole and Samantha Heller

Royal Classic 2018: 1st place (61.60)

Simi Spectacular 2018: 1st place (73.40)

Moorpark Battle of the Band 2018: 3rd place (73.85)

Oak Park Eagle Brigade 2017 "The Planets"

Drum Majors: Jessica Conway and Peter Ye

Royal Classic 2017: 1st place & The High Percussion Award

Simi Spectacular 2017: 2nd place & 1st place Percussion

Moorpark Battle of the Band 2017: 4th place

Oak Park Eagle Brigade 2016 "Hamilton"

Drum Majors: Jessica Conway and Kimia Mohebi
  1. Managing Director

Moorpark Battle of the Bands 2016: 3rd place

Oak Park Eagle Brigade 2015 "John Williams is the Man"

Drum Majors: Lilly Apar and Weston Pollock
  1. Managing Director