OPHS Jazz Band

Jazz Band Ensemble Rep: Samantha Heller

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ID: 20537069

Enrollment Key: OPMusic0


The Jazz Band is the premier Jazz Ensemble at Oak Park High School. The class takes places during zero period. Participation in this group is based upon audition as well as concurrent enrollment in any other Instrumental music/choral class. The group plays a wide variety of Big Band Jazz Standards/Styles, playing anything from swing to funk to bossa nova with an emphasis on improvisation. The Jazz Band performs regularly at school concerts, adjudicated Jazz festivals and at recruiting and fundraising events around the community.

2018-2019 Jazz A Members

Alto Sax 1: Alexander Word
Alto Sax 2: Katie Trux
Tenor Sax 1: Samantha Heller
Tenor Sax 2: Lilly Doyle
Baritone Sax: Nate Trux

Trombone 1: Maclean Dickey
Trombone 2: Biraj Shah
Trombone 3: Rahul Naveen
Trombone 4: Daniel Conway

Trumpet 1: Asher Kim/Thomas Vincent
Trumpet 2: Zach Robinson
Trumpet 3: Thomas Vincent/Asher Kim
Trumpet 4: Alex Wierenga

Piano: Kevin Ma
Guitar: Arielle Markowicz
Bass: Jacob Bernstein
Drums: Angus Hsieh
Auxiliary Percussion: Cassidy Bloss

Useful Links 

J.W. Pepper: www.jwpepper.com
Most to all of our arrangements are on this website

Hal Leonard Jazz YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/user/HLJazzEnsemble
Follow along scores/audio for certain Hal Leonard jazz arrangements

Alfred Jazz Music YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/user/UC5FchKQ1iHXfSBOQLubvbEg
Follow along scores/audio for certain Alfred jazz arrangements (like “Absoludicrous”)


2018-2019 Jazz B Members​​

Alto Sax 1: Micah Wong

Alto Sax 2: Nils Boberg
Tenor Sax 1: Jessica Conway
Tenor Sax 2: Jeremy Boberg
Baritone Sax: Liam Case

Trombone 1: Logan Postmus
Trombone 2: Nils Boberg
Trombone 3: Jalen Blank
Trombone 4: Allison Khordodi

Trumpet 1: Declan Farriday
Trumpet 2: Dhruv Aggarwal
Trumpet 3: Jeremy Boberg
Trumpet 4: Koby Yousem

Piano: Sarah Shiang and Matthew Tu
Guitar: Jordi Chapa
Bass: Ali Wilson
Drums: Bob Emrich and Prisha Suresh
Auxiliary Percussion: Cassidy Bloss