OPHS  Drumline

Oak Park High School Drumline is a group made up of two groups: Battery and Pit (Front Ensemble).

Participation in this group is dependent on participation in a concert class and an audition. This group meets 8th period fall semester as part of the marching band and as a separate 8th period class during the spring semester.
2019 Indoor Battery:

Angus Hsieh*
Joshua Hill*
Caleb Siff
Nils Boberg
Alette Laughton
Amanda Streva
Jude Royal
Logan Postmus
Liam Case
Matthew Felson
Amit Maish

                                                           Coach: Brian Hou

2019 Indoor Pit:

Cassidy Bloss*
Jalen Blank
Ellen Lu
Bob Emrich
Amanda Streva
Sarah Miller
Tara Sachs
Allison Khordodi
Isaac Shuman                          
Dylan Chu                     Coach: Kylie Murray
Jeremy Kim
Anna Josker

* = Section leader