2017 - 2018 Student Leadership

Instrumental Music Council (IMC)

The Instrumental Music Council (IMC) is a group of students that are talented, driven and extremely dedicated to the Music Program at OPHS.  Each member of the IMC is an inspiring member of the program that others look up to for guidance and direction.  They volunteer many hours each year (usually in addition to academically aggressive schedules) to lead the program and the students that are a part of it.  These students assist the staff as well as boosters throughout the year in matters of organization, communication and execution of the various music programs. IMC students represent their respective sections or ensembles in making decisions for the good of the program.

All IMC members interview for their positions. The IMC meets each week during 7th period.

IMC 2017 – 2018 Members
Executive Board
Alex Trux (President)
Jessica Conway (Drum Major)
Peter Ye (Drum Major)
Sean Greenfield (Horn Seargent)
           Ethan Chiu
           Justin Cole

Section Leaders
Flute –Sagarika Alavilli, Trisha Sharma
Clarinet –Katie Trux, Sarah Miller
Saxophone – Samantha Heller, Alexander Word
Trumpet –Aviv Maish, Sean Greenfield
Horn- Alex Trux
Low Brass – Ethan Chiu, Olvia Buccieri, Alex Trux
Percussion- Caleb Siff, Joshua Hill
Battery Captain- Angus Hsieh
Pit Captain: Cassidy Bloss
Color Guard- Yaya Martinez

Ensemble Representatives
Wind Ensemble  - Ellis Song
Symphonic Band - Tamir Melzer-Bronstein
Concert Band – Bob Emrich
Jazz Band – Peter Ye
Strings – Sarah Shiang

Librarians: Maiya Sunshine, Morgan Cole, Olivia Buccieri
Historians: Samantha Heller, Megan Johnson, Ava Farriday
Assistant to Exec Board: Ellis Song
Website Manager: Justin Parzik
Sound and Lights Engineer: Jason Paras
VP of Productions: Joshua Hill, Caleb Siff
VP of Public Relations: Morgan Cole, Elaine Heidmann
Percussion Equipment Manager- Caleb Siff, Joshua Hill
Uniform Manager: Cameron Tescher, Alexander Word