M U S I C 


Year Course
Grade: Primarily 10-12

HS-Visual and Performing Arts or General Elective

PREREQUISITE-1 year of choir and/or pass auditions at the end of the previous school year or at the directors discretion.

UC/CSU-Subject f or g
This class is for students who have an understanding of at least level one of music theory. Students must be able to read music or will be taught. They should also be able to site read and have a keen sense of pitch, intonation, and rhythm. Choral and solo competition will be encouraged at this level, along with Honor Choir Competition. There will be a significant amount of outside performances. Students will be exposed to advanced repertoire. This class is open to all class levels. All students placed in this class will audition at the end of the previous school year and may be placed into this class at the directors discretion. This class will be divided in TWO SECTIONS: One class will be strictly Chamber Choir and the other section will also expose students to a Jazz Ensemble/Show Choir experience with emphasis on a cappella music.


Year Course
Grade: Primarily 9th

HS-Visual and Performing Arts or General Elective


UC/CSU-Subject f or g
This course is an introduction to part singing and developing good singing techniques. A one-on-one concentration of theory fundamentals, ear training and musicianship will be introduced. Open to all grade levels. While this class is open to all students it is mainly for those students who are underclassmen and who have limited choral/music experience. No audition is required. Students in this class will be involved in a considerable amount of performances, many performances of which will be shared with the Chamber Choir.​